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New Arrivals

  • New Saltwater Shipment: 11/20/15

    Coral beauty angelfish
    Half-black angelfish
    Flame angelfish
    Eibli angelfish
    Copperband butterflyfish
    Orange skunk clown
    Pink skunk clown
    Midas blenny
    Red fire fish
    Purple fire fish
    Yellow watchman goby
    Red mandarin dragonet
    Yellow fuzzy lionfish
    Dogface puffer
    Regal tang
    Tomini tang
    Powder blue tang
    Powder brown tang
    Yellow tang
    Sixline wrasse
    Banana wrasse
    Solar wrasse
    Debelius wrasse
    Purple square anthias
    Lyretail anthias
    Truncate anthias
    Hutchii anthias
    PJ cardinal
    Red […]

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  • New Freshwater Shipment: 11/16/15

    Female betta
    Delta betta
    Crown tail betta
    Half-moon betta female
    Twin tail half-moon betta
    Cherry barb
    Pentazona barb
    Yo-yo loach
    Panda corydoras
    Pygmy corydoras
    Corydoras trilineatus
    L155 Adonis pleco
    Gibbiceps Pleco
    Apistogramma macmasteri “red neck”
    Apistogramma hongsloi “super red”
    Leopard discus
    Electric blue jack Dempsey
    Electric blue ram
    German blue ram
    German gold ram
    Taeniacara candida
    Fire line danio
    Glo-fish tetras
    Fire tail […]

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  • New Plant Shipment 10/30/15:

        Amazon swords Oriental swords Variegated swords Cryptocoryne spiralis Crypt. Wendtii red Dwarf baby tears Cardinal plant Dwarf hairgrass Giant hairgrass Elodea Purple Cabomba Hydro. Augustofolia Lloydiella green Ludwigia red Nesaea gold Pennywort Scarlet temple Tissue cultured: Dwarf hairgrass Cardinal plant Cyperus helferi Pogostemon helferi
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  • New Saltwater Shipment 10/29/15:

    Frostbite Clownfish
    DaVinci clownfish
    Phantom clownfish
    Black ice clownfish
    Maine blizzard clownfish
    Ocellaris clownfish
    Flurry clownfish
    Spotcinctus clownfish
    Sunrise dottyback
    Lightning marron clownfish
    True percula clownfish
    Allen’s damselfish
    Red firefish
    Green mandarin dragonet
    Line spot flasher wrasse
    Lubbock fairy wrasse
    Pylei fairy wrasse
    Solar wrasse
    Tricolor fairy wrasse
    Yellow/pink Coris wrasse
    Black cap basslet
    Royal gramma
    Temmincki fairy wrasse
    Sea hares
    Flame angels
    Sebae […]

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  • New Freshwater Shipment 10/27/15:

    Black Angelfish
    Apistogramma agassizi “double red”
    Apisto. barlowi “red”
    Apisto. bitaeniata
    Apisto. Borelli “Blue”
    Apisto. cacatuoides “orange flash”
    Apisto. cacatuoides “super red”
    Apisto. hongsloi
    Apisto. sp. “Oregon”
    Apisto. nijsseni
    Apisto. trifasciata
    Apisto. viejeta “red neck”
    Geophagus sp. “Tapajos red head”
    Heros sp. “super red”
    Corydoras sodalis
    L106 orange seam pleco
    Black neon tetra
    Silver hatchetfish
    Galaxy danio
    Microrasbora nana
    Espei […]

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  • New Plant Shipment 10/23/15:

        XL red Rubin sword plant Xl Fran Stoffel’s sword plant Anubias barteri Anubias coffeefolia Anubias nana “narrow leaf” Java fern trident Aponogeton boivinianus Aponogeton lace Aponogeton ulvaceus Java moss Willow moss Lots of stems and lots of assorted potted plants
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  • New Saltwater Shipment 10/21/15:

    Coral beauty angelfish
    Bicolor blenny
    Lawnmower blenny
    Yellow watchman goby
    Yellow rose goby/shrimp pair
    Sailfin tang
    Yellow tang
    Fire shrimp
    Banded serpent starfish
    Purple tuka anthias
    Flame angelfish
    Blue spot puffer
    Regal tang
    Powder blue tang
    Gold-rim tang
    Yellow banded possum wrasse
    Green bubble anemone
    Red leg hermits
    Wheeleri goby
    Yellow sailfin leaf […]

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  • New Freshwater Shipment 10/20/15:

    Pelvichromis taeniatus “Lokunje”
    Pelvichromis sacrimontis
    Steatocrannus sp. “red eye”
    Steatocrannus tinanti
    Steatocrannus cassuarius
    Gabon shrimp
    Microctenopoma ansorgii
    Polypterus ornatipinnis
    Polypterus buettikoferi
    Sicydium algae goby
    Mbu puffer
    Watermelon distichodus
    XL Congo tetra
    Nannocharax macropterus “orange blotch”
    Epiplatys “red” infrafasciatus
    Norman’s lamp eye killifish
    Green neon tetra
    Hyphessobrycon vilmae “chocolate neon”
    Red phantom tetra
    Marginatus pencilfish
    Iguanodectes spilurus “green lizard tetra”
    Checkerboard […]

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  • New saltwater shipment 10/15/15:

    Bicolor angelfish Coral beauty angelfish Half-black angelfish Keyhole angelfish Flame angelfish Royal gramma Aurora goby Tiger wardi goby Arrow crab Zebra turbo snails Red/gold feather duster Gold feather duster Red firefish Mandarin dragonet Ruby red dragonet Powder brown tang Lieutenant […]

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  • New Freshwater Shipment 10/12/15:

    Crown tail Betta Half-moon Betta Female Half-moon betta Twin tail half-moon betta Gold gourami Opaline gourami Green tiger barb Rosy barb Cherry barb Striata loach Yo-yo loach Anableps anableps Red scat Corydoras agassizii Corydoras melanistius Corydoras paleatus Corydoras pygmaeus L273 […]

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