• New Saltwater shipment 10/21/16:


    Coco worms

    French angelfish

    Harbor goby

    Purple firefish

    Red scooter dragonet

    Ruby red dragonet

    Blue spotted toby

    Powder brown tang

    Sixline wrasse

    Royal gramma

    Flame angelfish

    Powder blue tang

    Gold rim tang

    Sailfin tang

    Yellow tang

    Regal tang

    Orange spot watchman goby

    Scribbled rabbitfish

    Orange tail emperor angelfish

    Yellow pyramid butterflyfish

    Rusty angelfish

    Klein’s butterflyfish

    Magnificent rabbitfish

    Kole tang

    Tricolor fairy wrasse

    Temmincki fairy wrasse

    Coral beauty angelfish

    Melas angelfish

    Six bar angelfish

    Bicolor blenny

    Weaver’s goby

    Hector’s goby

    Diamond goby

    Sleeper goby

    Blue eye cardinals

    Black spot foxface

    Foxface lo

    Arrowhead wrasse

    Cleaner wrasse

    Turbo snails

    Banded serpent starfish

    Red leg hermits

    Margarita snail

    Astrea snail

    Cleaner shrimp

    Fighting conch

    Acropora cultured

    Banded coral shrimp

    Tiger pistol shrimp

    Black tip fromia starfish

    Emerald crab

    Tiger cucumber

    Sea hares

    Orange frogspawn

    Colorful zooanthids ultra

    Ultra-mushrooms and ricordia

    Ritteri anemone

    Elegance corals

    Bicolor plate coral

    Orange/green/red plate corals

    Torches, hammers, frogspawns

    Red Goniopora

    Long tentacle plate corals


    Bubble corals

    Fox corals

    Traches/ wessophyllia, symphillia, platygyra

    Blueberry gorgonian




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