• New Saltwater Shipment 4/13/16:


    LOTS of new corals (i.e. too many to list)

    Scribbled rabbitfish

    Snowball domino damsels

    Hutchie Anthias

    Multi-bar angelfish

    Juv. Imperator angelfish

    Klein’s butterflyfish

    True falcula butterflyfish

    Green bird wrasse

    Brown bird wrasse

    Flurry clownfish

    Phantom clownfish

    Square back anthias

    Red stripe squirrelfish

    Coral catfish

    Sunburst anthias

    Lawnmower blenny

    T.R. Bangaii cardinals

    Onyx clownfish

    Fiji devil damsel

    Twin spot goby

    Flame hawkfish

    Fuzzy dwarf lionfish

    Candy cane squirrelfish

    California stingray

    Clown fairy wrasse

    False Lemonpeel angelfish

    True Lemonpeel angelfish

    Singapore angelfish

    Extreme misbar Darwin clownfish

    Allen’s damsel

    Yellow belly damsel

    Mandarin dragonet

    Starry blenny

    Leopard goby

    Porcupine puffer

    Naso tang

    Powder brown tang

    Sailfin tang

    Scopas tang

    Blue sided fairy wrasse

    Carpenter’s fairy wrasse

    Christmas wrasse

    Red Christmas wrasse

    Metallic foxface

    Japanese golden hawkfish

    Tropical flounder

    Orange striped cardinal

    Staghorn hermit crab

    Fire shrimp

    Black tip starfish

    Coco worms

    Hawaiian feather duster

    Emerald crab

    Nassarius snail

    Sea hare

    Margarita snail

    Turbo snail



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