• Current in-stock Saltwater fish 1/22/16:



    Powder brown tang

    Powder blue tang

    Sailfin tang

    Kole tang

    Regal tang

    Yellow tang

    Fiji foxface

    Magnificent foxface

    Foxface lo

    Striped foxface

    Golden foxface rabbitfish

    V-tail grouper

    Aiptasia filefish

    Gold Midas blenny

    Black sailfin blenny

    Algae blenny

    Red scooter blenny

    Red lip blenny

    Coral beauty angelfish

    Black nox angelfish

    Flame angelfish

    Lyretail anthias

    Talbot’s damsel

    Allen’s damsel

    Azureus damsel

    Yellow tail damsel

    Three stripe damsel

    Domino damsel

    Blue spot watchman

    Pink spot watchman

    Yellow watchman

    Green chromis

    Carpenter’s fairy wrasse

    McCosker’s flasher wrasse

    Radiant wrasse

    Orchid dottyback

    Bangaii cardinalfish T.R.

    Red firefish

    Purple firefish

    Ocellaris clownfish (Texas raised)

    Pink skunk clownfish

    Orange skunk clownfish

    Flurry clownfish

    Domino clownfish

    Black photon clownfish

    Royal gramma

    Golden head sleeper goby

    Blue jaw trigger male

    Blue jaw trigger female

    Ruby red dragonet

    Red dragonet

    Mandarin dragonet

    Green clown goby

    And a whole bunch of corals……


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