• New Saltwater Shipment 7/31/2014

    New Saltwater Shipment 7/31/14:


    Lemonpeel angelfish

    Royal gramma

    Lawnmower blenny

    Red scooter dragonet

    Flame tail blenny

    Diamond goby

    Beau Gregory damsel

    Pink spotted watchman goby

    Polleni grouper

    Miniatus grouper

    Coral hogfish

    Lyretail anthias

    Purple tilefish

    Skunk tilefish

    Anampses wrasse

    Yellow coris wrasse

    Temmincki fairy wrasse

    Pearly jawfish

    Yellow leaf-fish

    Bicolor parrotfish

    Atlantic porcupine puffer

    Pork fish

    Astrea snail

    Zebra turbo snail

    Turbo snail

    Red banded trochus snail

    Banded serpent starfish

    Saltwater grass shrimp

    Kole tang

    Yellow tang

    Black leopard wrasse

    Red coris wrasse


    Blue linkia

    Red fromia

    Marble star

    Aberrant yellow scopas tang RARE

    Blue line rabbitfish

    Ultra maxima clam

    Gold maxima clam

    Flame hawk

    Purple sebae anemone

    Bubble anemone

    LT anemone

    Emerald crab

    Spider conch

    Double tile starfish

    Red/gold feather duster

    Tiger tail cucumber

    Powder blue tang

    PLUS 80+ new corals to choose

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