• New Saltwater Shipments 7/14-7/20

    New saltwater shipments:


    Lamarck angelfish

    Orange swallowtail angelfish

    Rusty angelfish

    Flame angelfish

    Coral beauty angelfish

    Keyhole angelfish

    Royal gramma

    Long nose butterflyfish

    Snowflake clownfish

    Black ice clownfish

    Diamond goby

    Kole tang

    Regal tang

    Sohal tang

    Green back fairy wrasse

    Red coris wrasse

    Shark egg

    Hermit crab

    Chaeto algae

    Smith’s blenny

    T.R. Bangaii cardinal fish

    Emerald crab


    Peppermint shrimp

    Zebra snail

    Turbo snail

    Mandarin dragonet

    Ruby red dragonet

    Scissortail goby

    PJ cardinal

    Scooter dragonet

    LT anemone

    Bubble tip anemone

    Cleaner shrimp

    Fire shrimp

    Tiger pistol shrimp

    Candy pistol shrimp

    Dwarf yellow fuzzy lionfish

    Yellow coris wrasse

    Carpenter’s fairy wrasse

    Tuxedo urchin

    Black and white heniochus

    Blue spot toby

    Decorator crab

    Arrow crab

    White sand star

    Blue knuckle hermits

    Dragon pipefish

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