• New Saltwater Shipment 7/3/2014:

    New Saltwater Shipment 7/2/2014:


    Royal gramma

    Black ocellaris clownfish

    Black fin shrimp goby

    Red firefish

    Mandarin dragonet

    Camel shrimp

    Chocolate chip starfish

    Zebra angelfish

    Orbicularis batfish

    Black ice clownfish

    Cinnamon blue stripe clownfish

    Tank raised Bangaii cardinals

    Emerald crabs

    Hermit crabs

    Sponges assorted

    Coral beauty angelfish

    Black and white heniochus

    Allen’s damsel

    Kupang damsel

    Aurora goby

    Lawnmower blenny

    Ruby red dragonet

    Scooter dragonet

    Tiger watchman goby

    Yellow watchman goby

    Powder brown tang

    Powder blue tang

    Yellow tang

    Mexican rock wrasse

    PJ cardinals

    Flame angelfish

    Sand sifting starfish

    XL green chromis

    XL purple queen anthias

    Pelewensis butterflyfish

    Purple base bubble tip anemone

    Turbo snails

    More corals than you can shake a stick at J

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