• New Saltwater Shipment: 4/03/2014

    New Saltwater Shipment: 4/03/2014


    Longnose butterflyfish

    Flaming prawn goby

    Midnight percula clownfish

    Decorator arrow crab

    Emerald crab

    Hermit crab

    Pom pom crab

    Sponge crab

    Coral banded shrimp

    Pistol shrimp

    Peppermint shrimp

    Astrea snail

    Bicolor angelfish

    Coral beauty angelfish

    Flame angelfish

    Half-black angelfish

    Gold stripe maroon clownfish

    Orange skunk clownfish

    Bar goby

    Mandarin dragonet

    Ruby red dragonet

    Tangaroa goby

    Twin-spot goby

    Pink spotted watchman goby

    Orange spotted watchman goby

    Porcupine puffer

    Powder blue tang

    Dogface puffer

    Sailfin tang

    Yellow tang

    Lyretail anthias

    Purple queen anthias

    Blue and gold rabbitfish

    Foxface rabbitfish

    Flame hawkfish

    Scarlet hermits

    Fire shrimp

    Cleaner shrimp

    Orange linkia starfish

    Sand sifting starfish

    Ultra maxima clams

    Turbo snail

    Walking dendro

    Blue eye cardinal

    Tuxedo urchin

    Tiger sleeper goby

    True percula clownfish

    Yellow coris wrasse

    Tiger-tail cucumber

    Marble starfish

    Clown tang

    Powder brown tang

    Raccoon butterflyfish

    Koi fairy wrasse

    Possum wrasse

    Bubble anemone

    Nassarius snail

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