• New Freshwater Shipment 3/10/2014:

    RARE ALBINO LUNGFISH (Yes I yelled  J)

    Red Tux Platy

    24K Tux Platy

    Gold dust molly

    Crown tail betta

    Half-moon betta

    Blue gourami

    Pink kissing gourami

    Pearl gourami

    Tinwini danio

    Millennium rainbowfish

    Threadfin rainbowfish

    Odessa barb

    Cherry barb

    Rhomboid barb

    Rosy barb

    Electric blue jack Dempsey

    Lifalili Red Jewel cichlid


    Bristlenose pleco

    Mystery snails

    Nerite snails

    Rabbit snails

    Asian bumble-bee catfish

    Giraffe catfish

    Upside-down catfish

    Albino corydoras

    Corydoras aeneus

    Corydoras trilineatus

    Corydoras punctatus

    Corydoras schwartzi

    Corydoras paleatus

    Corydoras ambiacus

    Clown loach

    Kubotai loach

    Sidthimunki loach

    Black fin shark

    Albino rainbow shark

    Red tail shark

    Peacock eel

    Striped peacock eel

    Tire track eel

    Yellow tail spiny eel

    Zig-zag eel

    White cheek goby

    Dwarf puffer

    Figure 8 puffer

    Leopard puffer

    Green scat

    Ruby scat

    Congo tetra

    Reed tetra

    Head and tail light tetra

    Lemon tetra

    Neon tetra

    Black rasbora hetermorpha

    Rasbora kubotai

    Dwarf emerald rasbora

    Mexican dwarf orange crayfish

    Vanilla crayfish

    Blue crayfish

    Bamboo shrimp

    Red-nosed shrimp

    Glo-fish danios and tetras

    Feeder fish/shrimp/crayfish/brine/blackworms


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