• New Saltwater Shipment 3/5/2014

    Chalk basslet

    ORA platinum clownfish

    ORA naked clownfish

    Clown triggerfish

    Emerald crab

    Serpent starfish

    Royal gramma

    Scopas tang

    Foxface rabbitfish

    Bicolor angelfish

    Black nox angelfish

    Black and white heniochus

    True percula clownfish pairs

    Midas blenny

    Blue spot jawfish

    Red firefish

    Purple firefish

    Marine betta

    Tiger wardi goby

    Panther grouper

    Haw. Naso tang

    Chocolate mimic tang

    Yellow tang

    Orange back fairy wrasse

    Twin spot wrasse

    Banana fish

    Long nose hawkfish

    Blue eye cardinals

    Banded pipefish

    Gold banded coral shrimp

    Pom-pom crab

    Orange linkia starfish

    Red general starfish

    Yellow cucumber

    Purple lobster

    Tuxedo urchin

    XL purple tang

    Green Christmas wrasse

    Red Christmas wrasse

    Leopard wrasse

    Small ultra-maxima clams

    Flame angelfish

    Square back anthias

    Xxl red ruby dragonets

    Hector’s goby

    Rainfordi goby

    Orange spot goby

    Yellow clown goby

    Yellow watchman goby

    Dwarf fuzzy lionfish

    Valentine puffer

    Regal blue tang

    Tomini tang

    Cleaner shrimp


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