• New Saltwater Fish 10/31/2013:

    Bellus angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, flame tail blenny, lawnmower blenny, tiger banded blenny, tail spot blenny, tribal blenny, yellow long nose butterflyfish, hifin cardinals, alleni damsels, springer’s damsel, diamond goby, green banded goby, mandarin goby, purple firefish, red firefish, royal gramma, tiny yellow watchman goby, sixline wrasse, tiny sixline wrasse, golden rabbitfish, Randall’s goby, regal tangs, clown tang, koi fairy wrasse, McCosker’s flasher wrasse, Sunset Fairy wrasse, yellow banded possum wrasse, spider conch, tiger sand conch, chocolate chip starfish, Dalmatian linkia starfish, orange linkia starfish, white sand starfish, dogface puffer, emerald crab, peppermint shrimp, gracilaria algae, chaetomorpha algae, lemon peel angelfish, black ocellaris clownfish, mandarin goby, long nose hawkfish, midnight clownfish, platinum clownfish, foxface rabbitfish, scribbled rabbitfish, gold head sleeper goby, scopas tang, kole tang, Christmas wrasse, valentine toby, blue spot toby, harlequin shrimp, rainfordi goby, turbo snails, margarita snail, yellow cucumber, catalufa squirrelfish, astrea snail, flame scallops, sallylightfoot crab, barnacle blenny and a whole bunch of corals coming in tomorrow…

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