• New Saltwater Shipment 7/10/2013

    Pyramid butterflyfish, blue reef chromis, black ice ocellaris, red firefish, black volitans lionfish, arc eye hawkfish, squid tentacle anemone, emerald crab, bicolor angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, flameback angelfish, yellow angelfish, male swallowtail angelfish, carberryi anthias, geometric hawkfish, lawnmower blenny, black and white heniochus butterflyfish, tank raised Bangaii cardinal, bullet goby, mandarin goby, neon goby, red cap goby, scissortail goby, two spot signal goby, yasha hasha goby, diamond watchman goby, flame hawkfish, longnose hawkfish, Spanish hogfish, Moorish idol, blonde naso tang, porcupine puffer, orange-spot rabbitfish, red striped squirrel fish, yellow sailfin tang, red tip hermits, purple lobster, sm. flying seahare, fighting conch, bumble bee snail, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, gold coral band shrimp, burgundy linkia, red brittle starfish and lots of new corals.

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