• New Saltwater Shipment 5/3/2013

    Bicolor angelfish, xanthurus angelfish, tail spot blenny, fork tail blenny, bicolor blenny, flame tail blenny, bar goby, six spot sleeper goby, red firefish, mandarin goby, railway glider goby, golden head sleeper goby, Bartlett’s anthias, purple queen anthias, squareback anthias, chocolate mimic tang, pulauweh fairy wrasse, foxface, pork fish, peppermint shrimp, sand sifting starfish, copperband butterflyfish, raccoon butterflyfish, sixline wrasse, cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, sea hare, royal gramma, Klein’s butterflyfish, yellow eye tang, emerald crab, flame angelfish, xl green chromis, ORA clownfish (saddleback, premium snowflake, regular snowflake, platinum clown-reduced prices, Picasso clowns, gold stripe maroon with dot) and over 60 new corals from our premium supplier.

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