• New Saltwater Shipment 4/18/2013

    Flame-back angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, copperband butterflyfish, dragon goby, mandarin goby, tricolor fairy wrasse, hifin cardinal , Spanish hogfish, emerald crab, sea hares, turbo snails, green chromis, red scooter blenny, true percula pair, cleaner shrimp, pom-pom crab, flame angelfish, squareback anthias, Klein’s butterflyfish, diamond goby, purple firefish, white sleeper goby, flame hawk, candy two-spot hogfish, purple tilefish, sallylightfoot crab, orange linkia starfish, flashlight fish, regal tang, yellow tang, harlequin tusk, black volitans lionfish, scissortail goby, sailfin tang, arc-eye hawk, panther grouper, Bartlett’s anthias, PJ cardinal, gold stripe maroon clownfish pair, foxface, scribbled rabbitfish, Clark’s clownfish, Collette’s basslet, metallic foxface, powder brown tang, Niger trigger, kole tang, sargassum trigger, dogface puffer, rhinopius, galaxy clarkii clowns, domino clowns, naked clowns, platinum clowns and corals galore tomorrow!! Woot!

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