• New Saltwater Shipment 1/4/2013

    ORA domino clownfish, ORA naked cheek spot clownfish, bicolor angelfish, royal gramma, golden head sleeper goby, powder brown tang, yellow tangs, clingfish, jack knife fish, arrow crab, emerald crab, astrea snail, margarita snail, chocolate chip starfish, red firefish, purple firefish, sixline wrasse, clarkii clownfish, true percula clownfish, gold stripe maroon clownfish, green chromis, half-moon triggerfish, pink tail triggerfish, squirrel fish, yellow tail basslet, harlequin tusk fish, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, PJ cardinals, Bangaii cardinals, foxface rabbitfish, scribbled rabbitfish, cleaner shrimp, zebra mantis shrimp, sargassum anglerfish, general starfish, mandarin goby, swales basslet, copperband butterflyfish, longnose butterflyfish, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, lawnmower blenny, Randall’s goby, Fiji foxface, red sand hopper, panther grouper, skunk clownfish, queen angelfish, cleaner wrasse, solar fairy wrasse, tribal blenny and lemonpeel angelfish.

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