• End of the world Saltwater Shipment 12/20/2012

    Coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, Japanese basslet, copperband butterflyfish, four eye butterflyfish, longnose butterflyfish, aurora goby, yellow stripe anthias, dwarf zebra  lionfish, small cultured regal tangs, arrow crab, hermit crabs, astrea snail, margarita snail, harlequin tusk, peppermint shrimp, gold damsel, kupang damsel, yellow belly damsel, dragon goby, red firefish, purple firefish, red scooter blenny, scissortail goby, orange spotted goby, yellow watchman goby, saddle Toby, tomini tang, solar wrasse, hi-fin cardinal, foxface rabbitfish, longnose hawkfish, royal gramma, green bubble anemone, ritteri anemone, emerald crab, tear-drop maxima clams, turbo snail, McCosker’s flasher wrasse, cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, raccoon butterflyfish, alleni damsel, blue flasher wrasse, mystery snail, whip fin fairy wrasse, peppermint shrimp, sixline wrasse, pom-pom crab, strawberry mithrax, dragon goby, dragon wrasse, red scooter blenny, tiger pistol shrimp, orange linkia starfish, panther grouper, blue spot seahare, powder brown tang, flame hawkfish, cleaner wrasse, tiger wardi goby and blue spot watchman goby.

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