• New Freshwater Shipment 12/18/2012

    Pineapple/candy swordtail, green swordtail, lyretail swordtail, sunset swordtail, gold-dust molly, dwarf flame gourami, dwarf neon gourami, dwarf powder blue gourami, gold gourami, giant danio, red glass barb, male rosy barb, gold barb, tiger barb, geophagus sp. “ rio negro”, ellioti cichlid, blue kribensis, XXL pigeon blood discus, half-black veil tail angelfish, Borneo hillstream loach, SAE, whiptail loricaria, channel catfish (blue/albino), Raphael catfish (striped/spotted), golden dojo loach, A. Gardnerii  killifish, scarlet badis, tank raised African butterflyfish, elephant nose, A. amieti Killifish, gold tetra, marble hatchetfish, silver hatchetfish, neon tetra, black neon tetra, Beckford’s pencilfish, diamond back neon tetra, scissortail rasbora, von rio tetra, galaxy danio, red claw crab, fiddler crab, dwarf blue crayfish, solar twin bar swordtail, crowntail betta, halfmoon betta, Madagascar rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish, monoculus peacock bass, electric blue ram, longfin albino bristlenose pleco, common bristlenose pleco, albino gibbiceps pleco, rasbora heteromorpha, crystal black shrimp, Sulawesi cardinal shrimp, blackberry shrimp, yellow striped red bee shrimp, green algae shrimp, bamboo shrimp, feeder rosy reds, feeder shrimp, feeder crayfish, brine shrimp and blackworms.

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