• New Saltwater Shipment 11/15/2012

    Multicolor angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, red sea regal angelfish, ornate goby, red sand hopper goby, yellow watchman goby, red spotted blenny, panther grouper, Fiji blue spotted toby, sargassum trigger, blue-jaw trigger, African leopard wrasse, debelius wrasse, blue pencil wrasse, lyretail anthias, xl squareback anthias, dragon pipefish, emerald crabs, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, blue dart goby, Japanese basslet, tail spot blenny, copperband butterflyfish, chocolate chip starfish, orange linkia starfish, nerite snails, margarita snails, turbo snails, sexy shrimp, mandarin dragonets, orange banded goby, red striped hogfish, candy hogfish, scribbled rabbitfish, blue lined rabbitfish, yellow eye tang, twelve line wrasse, green bubble tip anemone, LT anemone, sea hare, nassarius snail, Hawaiian feather duster, potter’s wrasse, Christmas wrasse, Allen’s damsel, yellow belly damsel, harlequin tusk fish, sunburst anthias, ORA naked clownfish, ORA black ice clownfish and filament fin fairy wrasse.


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