• Saltwater Shipment 11/09/2012

    Coral beauty angelfish, yellow tail blue damsel, yellow tail green damsel, red firefish, zebra flounder, arc eye hawkfish, T.R. upside-down jellyfish, tiny (really tiny) sea robin, anemone crab, horseshoe crab, orange lemonpeel angelfish, Allen’s damsel, yasha hasha goby, six line wrasse, PJ cardinal, orange linkia starfish, Tongan ultra maxima clam (6-7”), turbo snail, flame angelfish, blackcap basslet, green mandarin goby, target mandarin goby, flame hawkfish, candy hogfish, shrimp fish, lg. green bubble anemone, potter’s angelfish, Bartlett’s anthias, diamond goby, kole tang, finger gorgonian, emerald crab, tiger pistol shrimp, blue eye cardinal, royal urchin, malu sebae anemone, button polyps, yellow polyp, palythoa, green star polyp, umbrella leather, finger leather, litophyton, dendronepthya, anthelia blue, xenia, echinopora, hammer coral, favia ultra, fungia, goniopora, striped mushroom, cladiella, acropora, blastomussa and trumpet corals.

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