• New Saltwater Shipment 10/12/12

    Diadem dottyback, common damsel, red firefish, yellow banded possum wrasse, cryptic sixline wrasse, flame angelfish, copperband butterflyfish, mandarin dragonet, blue eye tang, six line wrasse, royal gramma, electric blue hermits, cleaner shrimp, fire shrimp, turbo snails, lawnmower blenny, trochus snail, yellow watchman goby, Halloween hermits, valentini puffer, McCosker’s flasher wrasse, emerald crab, tank raised Bangaii cardinals, yellow tang, gold stripe maroon clownfish, bicolor blenny, powder blue tang, coral beauty angelfish, xl Fiji green chromis, yellow sailfin tang, mini carpet anemones, RED flower anemones (HOT), black and white heniochus, ultra zooanthids,  monoco cleaner shrimp, squamosa clams, wellsophyllia, premium acans, blasto’s, torch corals, and hammers, fungia, heliofungia, favia, favites and GREEN Toadstool leathers.

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