• New Freshwater Fish Shipment 10/9/2012

    Green swordtail, hifin platy, red tiger platy, black molly, sunset red sailfin molly, crowntail betta, halfmoon betta, dwarf flame gourami, dwarf neon gourami, dwarf powder blue gourami, dwarf honey gourami, pearl gourami, threadfin rainbowfish, gold barb, tiger barb, gold aureum cichlid, electric blue ram, small discus, large CAE, L183 pleco, assassin snail, tiger nerite, leopard nerite, zebra nerite sidthimunki botia, striata botia, jardini arowana, knight goby, tank raised mono. argentus, figure eight puffer, ruby scat, bleeding heart tetra, bloodfin tetra, loretto tetra, neon tetra, Beckford’s pencilfish, von rio flame tetra, galaxy danio, African clawed frog, blackberry shrimp, glofish danios, feeder fish, feeder shrimp, brine shrimp and blackworms.

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