• AquaTek is the October 2012 Select Dealer of the Month


    AquaTek Tropical Fish

    AquaTek Tropical fish was founded in 1998 in beautiful Austin, Texas and has grown to be the premier aquatics store in the central Texas region.  At AquaTek you will find more than 8000 gallons of aquatic plants, freshwater fish and marine species from around the globe.  AquaTek specializes in rare South American species, phenomenal aquatic plant biotopes, top quality discus from the best breeders, sustainable coral collections and captive raised saltwater livestock whenever possible.  We are an aquatics only store, offering the best in products and knowledge from the best staff in the fields of reef keeping, planted aquariums and South American biotopes.  AquaTek takes pride in offering only the best in dry goods from quality manufacture:  from top shelf aquarium filters, premium foods, protein skimmers and supplements to the latest in LED lighting technology.  AquaTek also now offers complete aquarium design, installation and maintenance services for your office or home though our in-house maintenance service.  From the smallest freshwater nano aquarium to the largest reef system, let AquaTek show you our passion, precision and perfection, discover a whole new world at AquaTek.

    The store was founded by Roger Vitko, currently of Tunze USA, and has since passed into the capable hands of Bruce Kelley and Aaron Strong.  Bruce has a science background in the fields of aquatic biology and chemistry, and Aaron’s field of expertise is botany, their combined knowledge is sure to make your next aquarium adventure a success.  The owners are happy to have a highly trained knowledgeable staff with specialists ready to answer your questions, from bettas and goldfish to planted aquarium systems/appropriate species to the most complicated reef aquarium, AquaTek is here for you and your pets.

    Store use products. What do you use in house?

    We use Seachem products exclusively in our display aquariums from Reef Builder, Reef Advantage Calcium, Reef Advantage Magnesium, and Salinity salt mix to Reef Trace and Reef Iodine in the maintenance of our reef systems, to the full line of Flourish plant supplements and Equilibrium in our many planted aquariums.  We’ve found the Seachem line to be the only supplement line that can be trusted to deliver the same results consistently, whether it’s mixing up salt to the right concentration or adding iron at a predictable rate to a plant system, Seachem products offer results you can measure.

    Best selling Seachem products?

    The complete Flourish line of plant supplements and Equilibrium are our best selling freshwater products since we have such extensive planted systems and advocate the use of reverse osmosis water that has been treated to the specifications desired in those systems.  Reef builder and Reef Complete and Salinity are the top selling items in the marine supplements/salt mixes that we stock.

    How many years have you been using Seachem products?

    We have been using Seachem products for the last 14 years professionally but have always found Seachem products to be superior in both science and production for the 25 plus years we’ve been keeping aquariums.  All of our staff members also use and recommend Seachem products since most of them use Seachem products in their home aquariums and have seen the benefits of the line in person.  Our team of service technicians also travels to homes and business with the full line of Seachem products in order to provide the same level of care to your aquarium as is given to our own display aquariums.

    How does Seachem’s support help you in your business?

    Seachem’s dedication and devotion to product line development and devotion to advancement is well known and supports our business in technical support and questions from hobbyists; as well as, their store use programs that make it easier and more cost effective to maintain our aquariums.  No other aquatics based manufacture offers the level of training and support that Seachem does, the trend amongst manufactures these days seems to be driven solely by profit margin and packaging differences; not so at Seachem or AquaTek.  We like to see independent companies that offer quality consistent products and technical support to the benefit of the hobby and the hobbyist and Seachem is that kind of company.


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