• Saltwater Shipment 10/04/2012

    Blue reef chromis, common damsels, xl diamond goby, huma huma triggerfish, black leopard wrasse, scooter dragonet, arrow crab, hermit crabs, coral banded shrimp, peppermint shrimp, camel shrimp, fighting conch, astrea snails, coral beauty angelfish, raccoon butterflyfish, true percula clownfish, rainfordi goby, red sand hopper goby, pink spotted watchman goby, marine betta, yellow sailfin tangs, harlequin tusk fish, pink belly yellow coris wrasse, lyretail anthias, flavoguttatus anthias, tank raised Bangaii cardinals, royal gramma, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, xl crocea clams, red spotted sailfin blenny, dispar anthias, longhorn cowfish, Talbot’s damselfish, ultra zooanthid, black and white heniochus, rainbow wrasse, sixline wrasse, emerald crabs, eibli angelfish, potter’s angelfish, lg copperband butterflyfish, threadfin butterflyfish, ORA Platinum clownfish, orange-tail damsel, yasha hasha goby, green bird wrasse, brown bird wrasses, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenter’s flasher wrasse, filamentosus fairy wrasse, Lubbock’s black bar fairy wrasse, RED flower anemone, mini carpet anemones, decorator crab, porcelain crab, coco worms, red hot dog cucumber, sexy shrimp, margarita snail, Mexican turbo snail, nassarius snail, tiger trochus snail, alveopora, blastomussa wellsi, blastomussa merleti, wellsophyllia, green bubble coral, trumpet coral, symphyllia, turbinaria, fungia, goniopora, branching hammer coral, heliofungia, octo bubble coral, torch coral, galaxy coral, yellow scroll, blue mushrooms, green mushrooms, green hairy mushrooms, watermelon mushrooms, green button polyps, clove polyp, daisy polyp, lobophyton, sinularia, capnella, lemnalia, parazoanthus and sarcophyton.

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