• New Saltwater Shipment 9/13/2012

    Splendid Garden Eels, orange lemon peel angelfish, powder blue tang, powder brown tang, five bar mystery wrasse, purple tang, xl bicolor blenny, red firefish, red scooter blenny, yellow watchman goby, Scopus tang, yellow tang, blue jaw trigger male, sm. harlequin tusk Australian, hifin cardinals, foxface rabbitfish, arrow crab, emerald crab, sally light foot crab, camel shrimp, fire shrimp, gold coral band shrimp, peppermint shrimp, sand sifting starfish, sea hare, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, squareback anthias, tail spot blenny, auriga butterfly, copperband butterflyfish, PJ cardinals, bicolor chromis, xxl green chromis, green mandarin dragonet, hector’s goby, spotted mandarin dragonet, balteatus fairy wrasse (RARE), purple belly yellow coris wrasse, xxl yellow cucumber, blue coral banded shrimp, harlequin shrimp, red African fromia starfish, green clown goby, xl regal tang, true percula clownfish, orange ricordea, 12 line wrasse, blacktip starfish, ORA ocellaris clownfish, ORA black ocellaris clownfish, ORA yellow assessor, ORA sankeyi dottyback,  ORA orchid dottyback, ORA sharknose goby, ORA derasa clams, ORA green toadstool leathers, ORA Nepthea, ORA sprung’s stunner and more….

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