• New Saltwater Shipment 8/30/2012

    Bicolor angelfish, Atlantic pygmy angelfish, pacific pygmy angelfish, orchid dottyback, tail spot blenny, molly miller blenny, Atlantic sailfin blenny, red lizard blenny, blue reef chromis, aurora goby, purple queen anthias, dwarf zebra lionfish, spot fin lionfish, yellow tang (medium and large), banana fish, blue spot Toby, clown sweet lips, flame angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, orange lemonpeel angelfish, queen angelfish, Allen’s damsel, longnose butterflyfish, pearly jawfish, red firefish, purple firefish,  rainfordi goby, hector’s goby, red scooter blenny, porcupine puffer, kole tang, bluejaw trigger, dragon wrasse, blue headed wrasse, lyretail anthias, cowfish, flame hawkfish, dragon pipefish, royal gramma, LT anemone, emerald crab, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, turbo snail, green bubble anemone, sallylightfoot crab, blue velvet nudibranch, bicolor blenny, gold canary blenny, blue eye cardinal, metallic shrimp goby, scissortail goby, foxface rabbitfish, clown tang, tominiensis tang, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, solar wrasse, red tail tamarin wrasse, sea hare, Randall’s pistol shrimp, cerith snail, bumblebee snail, reef safe thorny starfish, alveopora, blastomussa merleti, open brain corals, bubble coral, trumpet coral, symphyllia, turbinaria, fungia, frogspawn, galaxy, goniopora, hammer coral, tongue coral, yellow scroll coral, acropora, seriatopora, stylophora, mushroom anemone, zooanthid, parazoanthus, palythoa, chili coral, clove polyp, lobophyton, sarcophyton, sinularia, capnella and more…..

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