• New Saltwater Shipment 8/22/2012

    Queen angelfish, blue reef chromis, blue devil damsel, mandarin goby, astrea snail, chocolate chip starfish, coral beauty angelfish,  multicolor angelfish, copperband butterflyfish, longnose butterflyfish, blue dot black sailfin blenny, diamond goby, tail spot blenny, pink spotted watchman goby, panther grouper, clown tang, powder blue tang, five bar mystery wrasse, lyretail anthias, blue and gold rabbitfish, Fiji foxface, cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, fire shrimp, tuxedo urchin, xl green chromis, sea hare, yellow tail blenny, tribal blenny, xl  regal tang, flame angelfish, royal gramma, pj cardinal, domino damsel, electric blue damsel, flame hawkfish, geometric hawkfish, masuda hogfish, cryptic sixline wrasse, whip fin fairy wrasse, candy pistol shrimp, orange tail damsel, yellow tang, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, blue leg hermits, emerald crab, purple coral banded shrimp, acanthastrea, caulastrea, chalice, cyphastrea, Duncan, galaxy, red goniopora, favites, oulophyllia, platygra, anthelia, leather coral, zooanthid, mushrooms, acropora, montipora, pachyseris, pocillopora, alveopora, blastomussa, wellsophyllia, trachyphyllia, bubble coral, symphyllia, fungia, frogspawn, goniopora and plate coral.


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