• New Saltwater Shipment 8/16/2012

    Lawnmower blenny, auriga butterflyfish, pyramid butterflyfish, mertensii butterflyfish, four-eye butterflyfish, blue reef chromis, sm. green chromis, Fiji blue devil damsel, domino damsel, yellow-tail blue damsel, black fin shrimp goby, golden head sleeper goby, dwarf zebra lionfish, scopas tang, sailfin tang, harlequin tusk fish, clown triggerfish, marine betta, anemone crab, horseshoe crab, red leg hermits, sponge crab, camel shrimp, xl fighting conch, diamond goby, panther grouper, Atlantic blue tang, kole tang, cleaner wrasse, banded serpent starfish, coral banded shrimp, crocea clam, royal gramma, yellow watchman goby, Fiji foxface, emerald crab, pom-pom crab, sexy shrimp, sand sifting starfish, eibli angelfish, half-black angelfish, keyhole angelfish, potter’s angelfish, lyretail anthias, Tank raised Bangaii cardinal, royal gramma, bicolor blenny, red lip blenny, red scooter blenny, starry blenny, PJ cardinal, small true percula clownfish, lyretail chromis, orange tail blue damsel, Randall’s shrimp goby, small foxface rabbitfish, blochii tang, blue hippo tang show size, large blonde naso tang, large yellow tang, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenter’s flasher wrasse, filamented flasher wrasse,  LT anemone, sebae anemone, hermit crab w/anemone, scarlet hermit crab, coco worms, Hawaiian feather duster, margarita snail, xl nassarius snail, tiger trochus snail, burgundy linkia starfish, red thorny starfish, blastomussa merleti, green open brain, bubble coral, trumpet coral, fungia, goniopora, branching hammer coral, moonstone favia, octo-bubble coral, yellow scroll, acropora, pocillopora, seriatopora, green mushroom, green hairy mushroom, red mushroom, watermelon mushroom, green button polyp, cabbage leather, club finger leather, spaghetti leather, toadstool leather , yellow polyp, palythoa, zooanthid and merulina.

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