• New Saltwater Shipment 8/07/2012

    Lemon-peel angelfish, orchid dottyback, royal gramma, domino damsel, splendid garden eel, dwarf lionfish, small harlequin tusk, PJ cardinal, princess parrotfish, trumpet-fish, brown leg hermit, cleaner shrimp, coral beauty angelfish, Tank raised Bangaii cardinal, longnose butterflyfish, orange-tail damsel, pink-spotted shrimp goby, foxface, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, filamented flasher wrasse, sea hare, coco worm, candy pistol shrimp, astrea snail, margarita snail, nassarius snail, red thorny starfish, alveopora, open brain, symphyllia, orange cycloseris, goniopora, branching hammer coral, LT plate coral, favia, octo-bubble coral, torch coral, rhodactis mushroom, spotted mushroom, watermelon mushroom, yellow polyp, zooanthid, merulina and montipora.

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