• New Saltwater Shipment 7/31/2012

    Bicolor angelfish, imperator angelfish, swale’s basslet, copperband butterflyfish, pyramid butterflyfish, red pearlscale butterflyfish, domino clownfish,  green chromis, common damselfish, Spanish hogfish, Randall’s anthias, tail-ring tang, hi-hat grunt, red leg hermits, peppermint shrimp, chocolate chip starfish, Argi angelfish, black and gold chromis, blue dot goby, mandarin goby, red scooter blenny, blue-jaw triggers, lyretail anthias,  royal gramma, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, scribbled rabbitfish, dogface puffer, black and white heniochus, flame angelfish, xl green chromis, diamond goby, alleni damsels, LT anemone, blue linkia starfish, emerald crab, yellow cucumber, harlequin shrimp pair, sexy shrimp, sallylightfoot crab, anemone crab, scarlet hermit crab and volitans lionfish.

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