• AquaTek’s Ninth Annual Customer Appreciation Sale!!

    We are having our 9th annual customer appreciation sale on September 1st and 2nd.  Food and drinks will be provided and great prize packages will be drawn for.  For all purchases between now and the days of the sale, when you spend $20 you will receive one “fish buck”, which is redeemable on the days of the sale for livestock only.  “Fish bucks” will be used as a credit on your livestock purchases on the days of the sale ONLY and are not redeemable at any other time.


    Everything in the store will be at least 10% off list price and selected merchandise will be marked down even more:

    • Select Tunze equipment 25% off
    • In-stock reef octopus equipment 25% off
    • Tanks and stands from Marineland, Aqueon, and Deep-Sea Aquatics-20% off list price
    • Freshwater fish/plants/invertebrates 25% off
    • Saltwater fish and invertebrates 15% off
    • All SeaChem Products 25% off

    All other merchandise will be 10% off , PLUS AquaTek Tropical Fish Club members will get an extra 5% off their purchases in addition to the specials above (i.e. JOIN TODAY for maximum savings!).  Join us on FaceBook to receive updates and special announcements!!  www.facebook.com/aquatektropicalfish

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