• New Saltwater Shipment 7/12/2012

    Half moon angelfish, Lamarck angelfish, chalk basslet, lawnmower blenny, scooter blenny, auriga butterflyfish, copperband butterflyfish, false falcula butterflyfish, black ocellaris clownfish, engineer goby, mandarin goby, black volitans lionfish, sailfin tang, Niger trigger, red flame cardinal fish, hermit crab, coral beauty angelfish, potter’s angelfish, royal gramma, longnose butterflyfish, tiger wardi goby, aurora goby, powder blue tang, scribbled rabbitfish, orange spot rabbitfish, tomini tang, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenter’s flasher wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, Lubbock’s black bar fairy wrasse, sea hare, porcelain crab, turbo snail, nardoa starfish, red thorny starfish (echinaster echinophorus), Australian blastomussa, blastomussa wellsi, bubble coral, lime green trumpet coral, orange cycloseris, galaxy coral, purple goniopora, branching hammer coral, octo-bubble coral, yellow scroll coral, blue mushrooms, giant rhodactis mushroom, green hairy mushroom, purple Tonga mushroom, Yuma ricordea, clove polyp, Kenya tree coral, green star polyp, spaghetti leather, blue zooanthid and ultra zooanthid.

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