• New Freshwater Shipment 7/3/2012

    Blue fire swordtail, Mickey-mouse tricolor swordtail, fire tail tux platy, Dalmation redtail platy, 24K tux platy, gold-dust lyretail molly, half-moon betta, electric green glo-fish, glo-fish danios, dwarf neon gourami, gold gourami, pink kissing gourami, lavender gourami, platinum gourami, neon rainbowfish, 8-line redtail rainbowfish, threadfin rainbowfish, turquoise rainbowfish, yellow rainbowfish, dwarf kamaka rainbowfish, Odessa barb, male cherry barb, red glass barb, longfin rosy barb, tiger barb, albino tiger barb, brilliant jewel cichlid, electric blue ram, german blue ram, clown loach, botia histronica, albino Corydoras,  Corydoras venezuelus, African butterfly fish,  rainbow goby (stiphodon sp.), peacock gudgeon, halfbeak, mbu puffer, red/blue Columbian tetra, emerald eye rasbora, emperor tetra, neon tetra, black neon tetra, longfin serpae tetra, rasbora erythromicron, blue crayfish, crystal black shrimp, blue velvet shrimp, blackberry shrimp, tadpoles, feeder shrimp, feeder fish, feeder crayfish and blackworms.

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