• New Saltwater Shipment 6/28/2012

    Yellow pyramid butterflyfish, naked clowns “spot cheek”, mandarin goby, red leg hermit crab, common damsels, bar goby, green clown goby, yellow clown goby, diamond goby, panther grouper, regal tang, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, super grade crocea clam, sea hare, valentini Toby, Fiji foxface, bicolor angelfish, lemonpeel angelfish, potter’s angelfish, Bartlett’s anthias, tank raised Bangaii cardinals, royal gramma, red scooter blenny, blue reef chromis, Allen’s damsel, pavo damsel, Bali tiger jawfish, RARE blue porcupine puffer, RARE bariene tang, RARE maculiceps Tang, powder blue tang,  lg. yellow tang, sargassum triggerfish, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenter’s flasher wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, Lubbock’s fairy wrasse, lg. bubble anemone, light green carpet anemone, long tentacle anemone, sebae anemone, scarlet hermit crab, purple banded coral shrimp, yellow banded coral shrimp, xl cleaner shrimp, Randall’s candy pistol shrimp, sexy shrimp, margarita snail, Mexican turbo snail, tiger trochus snail, nardoa starfish, red thorny starfish, harlequin serpent starfish, open brain, bubble coral, caulastrea, fungia, galaxea, goniopora, hammer coral, heliofungia, turbinaria, blue mushroom, yellow scroll coral, green hairy mushroom, red mushroom, ricordea Yuma, spotted mushroom, cabbage leather, clove polyp, daisy polyp, club finger leather, devil’s hand leather, sinularia green, Kenya tree coral, lemnalia, spaghetti leather, toadstool leather, yellow polyp, merulina and yellow porites.

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