• New Saltwater Shipment 6/20/12

    Ultra RARE Whitecap Goby, Beau Gregory damsel, common damsels, red head goby, spotfin lionfish, randall’s shrimp goby, XL black Volitans lionfish, naso tang, powder brown tang, PJ cardinals, splendid garden eel, sailfin tang, moon jellyfish, horseshoe crab, red leg hermit crab, coral banded shrimp, harlequin shrimp, zebra turbo snail, chocolate chip starfish, Singapore angelfish, ORA platinum clownfish, ORA ocellaris clownfish, ORA naked clownfish, ORA domino clownfish, ORA snowflake clownfish, ORA neon goby, ORA sankeyi dottyback, ORA Fridmani dottyback, coral beauty angelfish, multicolor angelfish, regal angelfish, lawnmower blenny, mandarin goby, purple firefish, scooter blenny, starry blenny, flame hawkfish, royal gramma, Spanish hogfish, scarlet hermit crab, coco worm, swalesi basslet, candy hogfish, gold-rim tang, blue eye cardinal, xl green chromis, banana wrasse and pyramid butterflyfish.

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