• New Saltwater Shipment 6/01/2012

    Royal gramma, snowflake ocellaris clownfish, red firefish, neon goby, arrow crab, emerald crab, Randall’s anthias, harlequin tusk-fish, emperor angelfish, keyhole angelfish, tank raised Bangaii cardinals, flame tail blenny, striped fang blenny, blue reef chromis, mandarin goby, Randall’s shrimp goby, forster hawkfish, tomini tang, blue sided fairy wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, filamented flasher wrasse, lightning wrasse, bubble anemone, sea hare, orange leg hermit crab, staghorn hermit crab, red coco worm, cleaner shrimp, cerith snail, Mexican turbo snail, tiger trochus snail, alveopora, bubble coral, trumpet coral, frogspawn corals, galaxy coral, green goniopora, branching hammer coral, plate coral, favia species, mushroom anemones, purple Tonga mushrooms, cabbage leather, finger leather, lemnalia, Kenya tree, toadstool leather, yellow polyp, merulina and pectinia.

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