• New Saltwater Shipment 5/23/2012

    Orchid dottyback, lawnmower blenny, red cap goby, purple fire fish, green mandarin goby, spotted mandarin goby, yellow watchman goby, miniatus grouper, chevron tang, yellow banded possum wrasse, harlequin tusk fish, sponges, harlequin shrimp, chocolate chip starfish,  blue pygmy angelfish, coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, Singapore angelfish, tank raised Bangaii cardinal fish, royal gramma, bicolor blenny, raccoon butterflyfish, diamond goby, aurora goby, hi fin goby, tiger wardi goby, regal tang, powder brown tang, yellow tang, copperband butterflyfish, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, filament fairy wrasse, Lubbock’s fairy wrasse, hoeven’s wrasse, sebae anemone, Dragon Sea Hare (coolest ever), lg. sea hare, decorator crab, porcelain crab, red leg hermit crab, scarlet hermit crab, sand sifting sea cucumber, red hot dog sea cucumber, tiger tail sea cucumber, camel shrimp, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, fighting conch, Randall’s pistol shrimp, turbo snail, trochus snail, red safe thorny starfish  and long spine urchin.

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