• New Freshwater Fish 5/15/2012

    Red velvet swordtail, fire-tail tuxedo platy, black molly, swordtail blue guppy, half-moon betta, dragon scale betta, dwarf powder blue gourami, dwarf honey gourami, pearl gourami, glo-lite danio, neon rainbowfish, Madagascar rainbowfish, turquoise rainbowfish, Odessa barb, tiger barb, albino tiger barb, pentazona barb, powder blue ram, tiger Oscar, albino tiger Oscar, red lizard loricaria, L18 gold nugget pleco, assassin snail, ivory mystery snail, tiger nerite snail, zebra nerite snail, Corydoras bondi, small clown loach, horse face loach, bala shark, golden rainbow shark, red-tail shark, knight goby, S.A. leaf-fish, monodactylus argentus, orange saddle fugu puffer, leopard puffer, ranchu calico lion goldfish, marble hatchetfish, neon tetra, black phantom tetra, rummynose tetra, rainbow emperor tetra, Glo-fish danio, green shrimp, feeder shrimp, feeder crayfish, feeder fish, blackworms and

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