• New Saltwater Fish 5/3/2012

    Bicolor angelfish, bicolor blenny, fork tail blenny, zebra blenny, common damsels, red firefish, green mandarin goby, polleni grouper, miniatus grouper, squareback anthias, chevron tang, filament fin fairy wrasse, barred jackfish, upside-down jellyfish, red emperor snapper, red leg hermit crab, sexy shrimp, coral beauty angelfish, eibli angelfish, Argi angelfish, true percula clownfish, aust. black ocellaris clownfish, diamond goby, golden head sleeper goby, rainfordi goby, royal gramma, yellow watchman goby, white spot Indian kole tang, cleaner shrimp, green bubble coral, mushroom anemones, euphyllia, green Solomon clove polyps, lobophyllia, favia, favites, soldier squirrelfish, golden rabbitfish, yellow coris wrasse, candy hogfish, yellow tang, emerald crab and fire shrimp.

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