• New Freshwater Shipment 5/1/2012

    Blue fire swordtail, gold twin-bar platy, red tiger platy, Dalmation lyretail molly, sunset red sailfin molly, delta cobra guppy, half-moon betta, emerald betta, chocolate gourami, dwarf flame gourami, dwarf gourami, dwarf powder blue gourami, gold gourami, pearl gourami, threadfin rainbowfish, gold barb, angelfish mixed, Siamese algae eater, nerite (corona, tiger, zebra) snail, loach (horse face, yo-yo, peppered dojo, striata), rainbow shark, African butterflyfish, African ropefish, goldfish (lion head, red/black ryukin, red/white oranda), silvertip tetra, emperor black tetra, dwarf Mexican orange crayfish, blue crayfish, dwarf frog, blonde dwarf frog, xl flounder, green glofish, orange glofish, electric green glofish tetra, feeder fish, feeder shrimp, blackworms and brine shrimp.

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