• New Saltwater Fish 4/26/2012

    Coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, tank raised Bangaii cardinal fish, peppermint shrimp, xl cleaner shrimp, blue spot sea hare, yellow cucumber, radiata urchin (beautiful species), regal tang, foxface rabbitfish, blue leg hermit crab, blackcap basslet, longnose butterflyfish, royal gramma, common damselfish, red firefish, black volitans lionfish, red volitans lionfish, chevron tang (nice size), powder brown tang, Niger trigger, banded serpent starfish, Singapore angelfish, heniochus diphreutes, copperband butterflyfish, threadfin butterflyfish, blue-eye cardinal fish, blue reef chromis, mappa puffer, blonde naso tang, tomini tang, carpenter’s flasher wrasse, filament flasher wrasse, Lubbock’s fairy wrasse, solar wrasse, potter’s wrasse, sebae anemone, xl sea hare, arrow crab, emerald crab, pom pom crab, staghorn hermit crab, red hot dog cucumber, tiger tail cucumber, banded coral shrimp, Mexican turbo snail, xl nassarius snail, tiger trochus snail, red thorny star (echinaster echinophorus, reef safe), royal urchin, alveopora, wellsophyllia, bubble coral, symphyllia radians, trumpet coral, galaxy coral, favia species, gonipora (red and green), mushroom anemone, green button coral, clove polyp, green daisy polyp, colt coral, finger leather, star polyps, Kenya tree, Christmas coral, cladiella, zooanthids and more.

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