• New Freshwater Fish 4/10/12

    Green lantern platy, blue platy, fire tail tux platy, bumblebee platy, 24K platy, lyretail marble molly, lyretail cremecicle molly, lyretail neon molly, gold miracle endler’s livebearer, crowntail betta, dragon scale betta, lake inle danio, new guinea rainbowfish, parkinsoni rainbowfish, black ruby barb, platinum green tiger barb, albino tiger barb, german blue ram, red neck severum, koi angelfish, albino chocolate pleco, clown pleco, banjo catfish, four line pictus catfish, Raphael catfish (striped and spotted), T.R. sterbai Corydoras, horse face loach, fire eel, yellow tail spinney eel, striped peacock eel, jardini arrowana, SA dragon fish, silver prochilodus, butterfly panda goldfish, LF black skirt tetra, red/blue Columbian tetra, redtail hemiodus, Beckford’s pencilfish, three-spot Paraguay tetra, galaxy danio, kubotai rasbora, fire paddle tail newt, blackberry shrimp, cherry shrimp, tadpoles, green and blue glofish, rosy reds, ghost shrimp and brine shrimp.

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