• New saltwater fish and corals 4/5/12

    Flame angelfish, lemonpeel angelfish, passer angelfish, tessellated eel, midas blenny, red firefish, mandarin goby, red scooter blenny, scissortail goby, gumdrop scorpion fish, chevron tang, gold naso tang, powder blue tang, yellow tang, Christmas wrasse, white banded possum wrasse, sunburst anthias, foxface rabbitfish, royal gramma, swales candy basslet, tropical flounder, scarlet hermit crab, fire shrimp, sexy shrimp, cleaner shrimp, cerith snail, turbo snail, margarita snail, dispar anthias, colt coral, super grade crocea clam, fancy zooanthid rocks,  striped mushroom, watermelon mushroom, blue mushroom, blue anthelia, green octopus coral, green open brain, staghorn acropora sp.,  orange cycloseris, wellsophyllia, lobophyllia, superman montipora, favites, acanthastrea, symphyllia, war coral, electric blue hermit crabs and jumbo nassarius snails.

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