• New fish Saltwater 3/22/12

    Lawnmower blenny, citron goby, PJ cardinal, coral banded shrimp, purple coral banded shrimp, harlequin shrimp, Spanish dancer nudibranch,  coral beauty angelfish, Singapore angelfish, Tank raised Bangaii cardinal, starry blenny, tail spot blenny, Kleini butterfly, vagabond butterfly, tiger wardi goby, xl naso tang, xl volitans lionfish, powder blue tang, red coris wrasse, blue sided fairy wrasse, carpenters fairy wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, filament fairy wrasse, flame angelfish, kupang damsel, yellow tang, Fiji foxface, flame hawkfish, royal gramma, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, golden head sleeper goby, diamond goby, sexy shrimp, green chromis, lg. regal tang, tribal blenny, flame tail blenny, bicolor blenny, foxface rabbitfish, five-bar mystery wrasse, sebae anemone, LT anemone, rose bubble anemone, green bubble anemone, Vietnamese crocea clam, green button, seahare, blue leg  hermit, orange leg hermit xl, fighting conch, margarita snail, turbo snail, trochus snail, strawberry conch, green nepthea frags, purple death palythoa, open brain coral, green bubble coral, euphyllia species, ORA Platinum clownfish, ORA snowflake clownfish, ORA ocellaris clownfish, ORA shark nose goby, ORA neon goby, ORA ultra maxima clam, ORA derasa clam, ORA pom-pom xenia, ORA green polyp leather, ORA purple nana, ORA red planet, ORA purple stylophora, ORA blue voodoo staghorn, ORA pink polyp capricornis, ORA purple montipora undata, ORA sprung’s stunner, ORA green velvet, ORA plum crazy, ORA tri-color valida, ORA supernatural capricornis, ORA spongodes, ORA blue chalice and  ORA yellow fuzzy MI.

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