• The Banggai Rescue project


    Project Banggai RESCUE plans on sending a team that includes Talbot, to the  remote Banggai Islands in Sulawesi, Indonesia, in May and Pedersen is currently  exploring and writing new protocols for small-scale breeding of the species. The  expedition has several simultaneous missions:

    • Assessing the situation
    • Tracking the source of a mysterious disease that kills many Banggai  Cardinals collected for the aquarium trade
    • Exploring the possibility of establishing mariculture operations run by  local Indonesian families
    • Collecting healthy broodstock for captive aquaculture research in the United  States

    The book, entitled “BANGGAI Rescue, Adventures in bringing Pterapogon  kauderni back from the brink,” is slated to be published in time for MACNA in  Dallas/Fort Worth in September.  Sales of the book will help fund ongoing  research and sustainability initiatives.

    Read more: http://reefbuilders.com/2012/03/12/banggai-rescue-project/#ixzz1pOmAF9IV

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