• New Fish 3/13/2012

    Coral beauty angelfish, flame angelfish, copperband butterfly, starki damsel, kupang damsel, yellow belly damsel, engineer goby, red firefish, Mozambique  goby, scooter blenny, yellow watchman goby, blue spotted toby, powder blue tang, yell…ow tang, sixline wrasse, evansi anthias, hutchi anthias, hifin cardinal, royal dottyback, fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, black tip starfish, super grade crocea clam, orange/blue ricordea, marble starfish, fromia starfish, geometric hawkfish, PJ cardinal, regal tang, green bubble anemone, rose bubble anemone, purple LT anemone, green LT anemone, peppermint shrimp,  eight stripe butterfly, Kleini  butterflyfish, black ocellaris, lg. ocellaris, dragon goby, green mandarin, spotted mandarin, pink spotted watchman goby, shrimp fish, scribbled rabbitfish, blue eye tang, tomini tang, blue side fairy wrasse, carpenter’s fairy wrasse, dot-dash flasher wrasse, Lubbock’s fairy wrasse, sea hare, electric blue hermit crab, emerald crab, coco worm, sexy shrimp, yellow coral banded shrimp, turbo snails, nassarius snails, tiger trochus snail, burgundy starfish, channel brain orange rim, green frogspawn, red goniopora, purple tip hammer coral, leptastrea orange eye, moonstone blue eye, moonstone purple eye, oulophyllia, red mushroom, green fuzz acropora, hydnophora, jacquelineae acropora, rainbow montipora, purple encrusting montipora, pachyseris, green pocillopora, pink pocillopora, turquoise staghorn, green stylophora, alveopora and more

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