• New Fish 3/5/2012

    Starki damsel, black volitans lionfish, bicolor angelfish, flame angelfish, orange lemon-peel angelfish, potter’s angelfish, queen angelfish, Tierra batfish, black/white heniochus, red pearlscale butterflyfish, raccoon butterflyfish, true p…ercula clownfish, tomato clown, Allen’s damsel, yellow belly damsel, mandarin goby, Randall goby, red sand hopper, starry blenny, marine betta, tiger shrimp goby, yellow belly dogface puffer, powder blue tang, leopard wrasse, dragon wrasse, five stripe wrasse, lyretail anthias, sunburst anthias, hifin cardinal, yellow TR seahorse, LT anemone, emerald crab, strawberry crab, cleaner shrimp, whip fin fairy wrasse, rectangle trigger, orange honey damsel, bicolor blenny, Picasso trigger, flame hawkfish, cleaner wrasse, midas blenny, orange tail puffer, flame tail blenny, Koran angelfish, white band maroon clownfish, aiptasia eating filefish, green leaf wrasse, longnose butterflyfish, orange seahorse TR, red leaf-fish, red spotted filefish, starry trigger, naso tang, gold-rim tang, 12 line wrasse, rainbow wrasse, shark nose Toby, marble blenny, Gregory damsel, sea-hare and multiband pipefish.

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